Our Humble Beginnings

Amazing. Someone pinned this video which I believe is one of my 1st Youtube videos about my soaping space. I’m almost embarrassed to share it, however, this is a real inspiration and motivator for me. To see where I actually began with Kissed by Koco​ is amazing. Looking at where I am now, I could remember just dreaming about it for 4 years. I remember relentlessly reading and researching about the subject. I remember talking to my husband day and night, 7 days a week about it. Now, to watch a video like this and remember working in that tiny corner in my apartment seems so crazy to me now. My first soaps were hideous, but in my heart, I knew that if I’d only continue to work hard and continue educating myself, I would get it. How did I do it? Why did I keep going when money was low, space was none existent and the real talent wasn’t there? I can only say that it was truly meant to be. #grateful #shopopen #abundancementality #kissedbykoco #humblebeginnings

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