A New Look

Yes! 2015 is here and so is our newest look!

We’ve been working on mastering our brand and it’s been quite difficult. However, we knew one thing for sure. We love hearts and bubbles! This time around, after doing some extensive research, we got smart and decided to fuse our favorites together (which are hearts, bubbles and the idea of taking the most fantastic bath). This time though, I believe this is it…at least for the next 5 years.


We decided to finally trust the worthy opinions of our customers and audience and asked them to cast their votes for their most favorite logo design. Even though the final decision will be what we’re most comfortable with, we still felt it extremely necessary to include the folks that buy from us every day. So, the voting began and my fingers were especially crossed as I was the designer on all 5 choices. I had a favorite and so did my team. I checked the voting, comments against our post as well as the private inbox votes I received like a hawk scouting for its last meal.

So here were the choices:

KBK Logo 2015-CONCEPTS2-Logo 1

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

Logo 3

KBK Logo 2015-CONCEPTS2-Logo 5

Logo 4


KBK Logo 2015-CONCEPTS2-Logo 6

Logo 5

 Soooo….everyone including myself and my team chose:

KissedbyKoco-New Logo 4

We couldn’t be more happy with our new brand. Everyone that participated in the vote process (including my team) saw the vision. We’re extremely thankful for that as well! Now, I will need to redesign our labels, signs, business collateral and whatever else. 🙂 Yeah me!

Until next time…go shop soap!


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